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Recipe: Hoppiness, a simple IPA

ABV: 7%


12.75 lb American Two-Row Malt

0.75 lb   Munich Malt

hops211.0 lb     Crystal Malt (15 L)

0.25 lb   Crystal Malt (40 L)

1 oz  (28 g)     Horizon Hops, 13% Alpha Acid (60 mins)

1 oz  (28 g)     Centennial Hops, 9% Alpha Acid (10 mins)

1 oz  (28 g)     Simcoe Hops, 12% Alpha Acid (5 mins)

1 oz  (28 g)     Amarillo Hops, 9% Alpha Acid (0 mins)

2.5 packets or 12 grams dry (Wyeast 1056 American Ale, White Labs WLP001, or Safale US-05)



Mash at 149°F (65°C). With the low mash temperature, you may need to lengthen the rest time to 90 minutes to get full conversion.

Collect run off into kettle. Bring the wort to a boil and add the Horizon bittering hops. After 50 minutes, add the 1 oz. Centennial hops. Wait 5 mins and add 1 oz. Simcoe hops. Wait 5 more minutes and add the 1 oz. Amarillo hops. Cool the wort and aerate it a proper amount then pitch your yeast. Ferment at 67F. When finished, carbonate to approximately 2 to 2.5 volumes.

*This recipe is from Chapter 3 of the cookbook, Brewing Classic Styles, by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.